Halloween'12 - My Kids

Vienna really was the scariest of them all. That black wig, and makeup.... she looked 16 to me! So scary!!! Evan once again couldn't live without being something on the creepy side, so Zombie again it was. Seger loves to be handsome, so a knight was a perfect fit!! He looks so honourable! And Felix fit the tiger, so the tiger he was. I think he makes a pretty adorable roar! he is our loudest child anyways.
Another Halloween down and far too much candy to eat. 4 kids bring in quite the haul!! 2 superstore green bins to be exact, and we only did our little block! The kids did great even though it was freezing cold and snow on the ground. We did parties at school and a friends epic halloween party after school and I'm tired.


Katie said...

Confession: Halloween is not my favorite. I'm tired too. And sick of candy!

But, your kids looks so cute! You're brave to put mascara on Vienna. Freaks me out knowing one day my girls will wear make up!

Costumes are great!

Dorienne said...

You have such a great gift with the camera. Your children are so precious.