Enoch - Baby

I have known Erin since she was just a teenager, which I guess make she old. But time and great choices have made her a wife and Mom. Enoch is a handsome little guy and just so sweet. This is a beautiful family.


Lauren & Carmine - Wedding

Lauren and Carmine, Mr and Mrs Pascale. What a beautiful wedding day! I'm glad the weather held out just long enough to capture this amazing event in your lives. Now go live happily ever after!



Olsen's - Family

I have had the pleasure of know Eric and Cheryl Olsen for several years now, and I always leave my encounters with them uplifted. In fact driving home from this session my face actual hurt from smiling so much! You'd think it was my family! haha. Olsen's you are an amazing group, a beautiful family and  more importantly you can just feel the love that resides with you. Enjoy!