Franceschi's - Family

The Franceschi family has a long history with both my husband and I. We have a soft spot for these two in particular, and their adorable children. I loved seeing these 4 wrestle and play and cook as a family. To that point I strongly believe that men that cook are amazing, and that parents that teach their kids to cook are even more amazing. It takes a little more patience to cook with a child along side, but it's also when some of the best moments happen upon us. 
Angela and Ian you have both been great friends, We are happy that you happen upon us time and time again.



bree johnson said...

this is amazing liz! the light in these pictures is just stunning!
and the boys hair all curly gahhhh i love it!
And that kitchen is fabulous!

Jamie said...

I ADORE these. You really just captured them so perfectly!!! Such a sweet family and you're such a talented lady! Love, love, love.

Katie said...

love that kitchen!

JAC Photography said...

so phenomenally adorably perfect.

Dorienne said...

I seriously love the family life shoot. I can't wait to do another one again with you.