Skye Curtis - Birth Story

 Skye Curtis was my Birth Story Giveaway Winner!! I was so excited to make it to Lethbridge in time to do her birth story. This little guy was a bit stubborn, and gave everyone a bit of a scare for a few minutes, but oh so worth the wait. The excitement in the room when those final moments hit and all that  has been long awaited is coming to fruition. Those ten little perfect toes just make it all worth it no matter how they got here.

I hope you enjoy your gift Skye and thank your or those that entered on her behalf! Now go find a pregnant friend and show them these images so they can be the next one to have a Lizzy Anne Birth Story!!


Dorienne said...

Gorgeous photos.

Michele said...

Congratulations Skye, he looks like you. Glad all is well.