C&K Muirhead's - Family

 I had my little brother and his family in town for Christmas this year from California. It makes me so happy to see them! I especially loved getting to have some, one on one time photographing them. These last two Calgary shots are some of my favourites. Nothing like a true hometown pic. I hope we can get a Cali one of you guys this year too. Thanks for working with me in this fun indoor space. I love you guys.



Conor said...

I love these Liz! I'm really glad we jumped outside despite the cold...I really like the photo of Katie and I cuddled up in the freezing street.

Thanks so much for capturing lots of wonderful moments!


Beautiful work Liz! You captured them well! And those big windows, love those big windows!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love these! And them! And you! Such beautiful pics, Elizabeth. The one of Conor and Greta, and of Katie and the girls together- so sweet!
xo mom