Dreaming of Green - My Family

I'm watching my tulips sprout a little bit more each day and it is making me dream of green and our time in summer land B.C. I've hoarded these pictures. I guess feeling a little greedy. I have only shared them with family…. and even that took me awhile. I love these images!! They are so naturally my family. This is us, when it's just us. Me taking pictures and them running around wrestling and half listening to my coaching. I handed the camera over to Kent and Evan for bits and pieces, imparted some light wisdom and the result was heavenly. This is my family. Just us. I can't wait for another beautiful summer to begin.

XO Liz.


Kim said...

I had a great big smile on my face as I looked at these images of your family. I just love your kiddos.....oh and that green. Wow. So vibrant.


I really love these photos liz! You have such a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Still Love these! Each and every one!