happy boy (post 1 of 2)

If ever you should find my little sweet boy in a not so sweet mood (it happens all the time) then there is a magical spell that snaps him out of it. It goes like this.... "where... is .. my ..happy boy?" for some reason this statement seems to snap Evan into an immediate side grin as shown above, ala lightening mcqueen. No matter how distraught Evan is he responds and thanks goodness for that!

P.S. this is the tea party that Evan set up for me in the morning. AKA tupperware on a blanket!


Katie Kates said...

What a cutie pie! Love the tea party. You must have felt like a million bucks!

mumovearls said...

Your Back! YEA!!!! I can't believe how big and chubby that baby is I just want to eat him up!-n