12.5lbs (post 2 of 2)

yes! 12.5lbs! Seger is rapidly growing! He's still small in that newborn way, but man is he filling out fast! He may look small to some of you but Seger is by far my chubbiest baby thus far. I love this little guy so much. His sly grins crack me up and he gets these worried hound dog eyes sometimes that melt you to a puddle. I am noticing how big he's getting because we are blessing him soon and that just makes me wonder if he's going to look like a toddler when kent does the 'lion king' presentation of Seger at the end. In all seriousness I am sooo happy that he's healthy and growing. I am in love with chubby babies and now I have one!


Tom Earl said...

How cute! Can't wait to see ya!

MamaMandi said...

Very cute! I love it when they get some chub!