Seger's blessing

Okay so we did it! We blessed Seger yesterday! It was great Kent did an amazing job. I am always so impressed with how the preisthood really takes over and brings about our Heavenly fathers message for these little ones. I am so thankful that i have a husband that is worthy to have placed that blessing on Seger. I feel so blessed to have a little peek or insight into what this special spirit holds in his future, and a glimps at how my Heavenly Father sees this special spirit that I get to hold inmy arms everyday. Truly a bigger then me moment.

These pictures are far from perfect, I think we are almost all looking in the same direction. Seger all scrunched in his blanket, it was a chilly day! and then my very failed attempt at getting all three of my kids together. Oh my! Vienna actually for the first time EVER picked her nose int he only good shot! Why do they pick those moments with an audience to do soemthing so disgusting and new! Anyways a little insight into our special day!

Thanks to all those friends and family that came! it was great to have you all there!
P.S. More pics of Seger and Vienna's outfits in all their glory to come. They were made special by My MOM!)


kids say the darndest things

Evan: What happened to your tummy Mom?
Me: (while rubbing on stretch mark cream) nothing.
Evan: you have a baby in there?
Me: No, no more baby in there.
Evan: yes you do! You have a baby sister in there!

Apparently Evan doesn't think I am done~


happy boy (post 1 of 2)

If ever you should find my little sweet boy in a not so sweet mood (it happens all the time) then there is a magical spell that snaps him out of it. It goes like this.... "where... is .. my ..happy boy?" for some reason this statement seems to snap Evan into an immediate side grin as shown above, ala lightening mcqueen. No matter how distraught Evan is he responds and thanks goodness for that!

P.S. this is the tea party that Evan set up for me in the morning. AKA tupperware on a blanket!

12.5lbs (post 2 of 2)

yes! 12.5lbs! Seger is rapidly growing! He's still small in that newborn way, but man is he filling out fast! He may look small to some of you but Seger is by far my chubbiest baby thus far. I love this little guy so much. His sly grins crack me up and he gets these worried hound dog eyes sometimes that melt you to a puddle. I am noticing how big he's getting because we are blessing him soon and that just makes me wonder if he's going to look like a toddler when kent does the 'lion king' presentation of Seger at the end. In all seriousness I am sooo happy that he's healthy and growing. I am in love with chubby babies and now I have one!