It's official!

So it's official our house is up for sale!! I have never sold a house before, just given notice. I am so excited to move into our next house. However the other day it hit me that we then have to leave this house! With the htings I don't like about this house that should be okay but, then i realized that this is the house we have brought each of our babies home to. This is where all of their memories are. This is where we built our lives up for the last 4 years. I am going to miss it. So I guess i will have to take lots of documenting pics to savour the home that i want to tell my kids about one day. Our first house up for sale, yikes! So hopefully it doesn't take long to sell, and hopefully i don't become "Nazi Mommy" with cleaning demands. I have been nervous for months about showing a house and still having 3 children! But I have the placec spotless at the moment and it looks great! Wehave worked so hard to make improvements around here. Wish us luck!!

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Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Liz, I really think your house is going to sell fast! It's so beautiful and your ad look amazing, great pictures!

I know it's hard to leave all those memories behind, but you'll love your new home so much. I'm excited for you guys.

Love you!! Sending tons of House Selling Energy to ya.

Jenny Moon said...

Good luck, i am so excited for you and we hope it sells really fast for you.
I want to see your house and all the little things you've done!!

Conor said...

That seems so crazy that you're already moving on to your second house. Good luck Sis. It's kinda funny cuz when you moved into your first house I was gone, and when you move into your next house I'll be gone. It seems like you're always having either a baby or getting a new house whenever I'm gone!

I still love ya though!

Katie said...

Wow! I'd be Mommy Nazi and stressed at least 3/4 of the time! lol. Good luck. Okay and this probably isn't the most appropriate thing to comment on, but wow, the price of your house is really high. I'm way too used to living in the states where real houses are cheap and apartments are expensive! I still hope you get above that for your house and that it gets gobbled up before you can say "Thanksgiving"!!

Katie said...

Oh and you're beginning to be a blogging addict!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos on the listing, Liz- my only comment would be that the wording might be a little repetitive with the 'large' repeated so many times- maybe they could change it to 'generous', 'spacious' etc.
Here's hoping for a timely sale! Can't blame you for being a little torn- you've created a very inviting home. I love being there!
You'll do just as well with the next one, though, can't wait to see all the wonderful plans you have coming to fruition.

Tom Earl said...

How exciting! We need a vist!

mumovearls said...

I want to buy your house... oh wait I live to far away! But wait now that you guys are selling you are moving closer to us! right?... love you-n