Valentine be mine!

Happy Valentines day! Evan and I made some valentines for his class. i love that we did it. i am officially a "mom type". So evan wrote "notes" to each person and was quite proud of himself! here's what we made. the caption says "I've got my Eye on you". Evan was so thrilled to get valentines form the other kids and we made valentine cookies yesterday afternoon with Freyja and Cora, the kids loved it!!

As for my valentine... well Kent and I aren't all that big with our celebration of this holiday. we both have birthday's book-ending this occasion and so really we enjoy the day, a good excuse to " celebrate" but really I am pretty lucky that Kent tries to spoil me all year round and as those who know me can attest that he does a good job!! I love Kent, he's amazing! He really cares about me in such a uniquely genuine way. he puts in so much work to make our marriage better all the time. He's a perfect match for me! So i guess I am one happy gal this valentines day! hope it's a great day for all!!!


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Evan Buddy!! Those valentine's cards are Super Cute. I'm really proud of you for writing notes on them to your friends too.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day and give Vienna and Seger a kiss for me too.

Auntie Daria

PS - will you be my Valentine too Evan? :)

Katie said...

Cute Valentines. Very catchy. I love the homemade stuff! Our Valentines was great! I've been a full time nanny these past couple days so it was just good to relax and hang out with my man!