Goat's a girls best friend!

Who knew!! Goat's milk is bringing a little slice of pamper heaven to my life. I just recieved my prize draw from Old Red Barn Co. Goat's milksoap and sugar scrub galore! Citrus, bulgarian lavendar, blackbery sage, cinnamon apple peach, lemongrass sage.....etc. Doesn't that just sound yummy! I am hear to tell you the soap is so creamy! And tonight I shall use my sugar scrub that smells good enough to eat! Thankyou to Dana from Old Red Barn co. for doing her giveaway, and for putting out such quality product. I just may be converted for life! (seriously they smell delicious! I am sitting here typing and can hardly concentrate I want fresh berries so bad!) So if you want your own slice of delight check out www.oldredbarnco.com

P.S. I found the prices very reasonable! All this wonderful loot for $35 including my shipping!! What a deal!


Katie said...

Well I might have to stop by your house to pamper my aching feet and legs!

Anonymous said...
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