Guess what?

So me and my kids play "guess what?" all the time. They answer what and then I tell them something nice like " I love you" Or " you're beautiful/handsome" Etc. Well today was no different!

me: Evan Guess what?
Evan: what?
me: I love you
Evan: You love me all the time Mom (with a tone)
me: is that not good?
Evan: No, it's too much! You just always love me. (like he's some teen sick of his mom)

Meanwhile my sweet Vienna always mimics the question back, and says that she loves me, in what can only be described as some sort of pixie voice. Her other favorite is adjectives to use are adorable, gorgeous, pretty, cute, or delicious. Guess I should hold on to this while it last seeing as it has gotten OLD for me big boy!


Tilane said...

I love it! My children are the ones who pay me the most compliments, and it still makes me feel great!

Tom said...

Guess what? We are expecting you this summer......anytime!!!

DaddyO said...

And you just gotta try out Tea Time with Vienna. It's lots of fun.