For preschool today we learned about stranger danger. It was my turn to teach and well, I thought who better to learn this from then the police! Surely the kids would listen to this huge man in uniform over me. well it was hit and miss! The kids loved it, and were a little shy. I think that they were listening, and some were very talkitive. The kids definitely won't soon forget though. They learned abit inside the house and then before Constable Sierake left he let them all sit in the car in his "ghost car" and turn on the lights talk on the load speaker and put on the siren. What a fun way to introduce the little kids to the police. I think that they all left feeling pretty good about talking to police if they needed to, and hopefully they learned more about strangers. I'll have to go over things Wed to see. Anyways, it was a great morning. Oh and he brought pens and rulers and colouring books and everything for all the kids! This is what playschool at home is all about. having these rich experiences that you don't get at school!


mumovearls said...

Ha! that is so funny, Our family has had our own way for meeting the Police- Not so great way!-n

The Taylors said...

Awe, you are such a good mom, and preschool teacher! Looks like a fun time!