quilt giveaway

I toally wish this were my giveaway..... but it's not. Mine is still to come though i promise. And now by posting this I am totally setting the bar high. This quilt is  done by Dana the gifted lady behind Old Red Barn Co. you need to check out her blog (see link in my side bar) All you have to do is comment to enter the contest. Totally worth it. the last time she did this I won the second prize her Goat Milk soap, yummy! i so would love to win this!!! I always make quilts for other people and never myself. Well here is hoping!!!


lottery draw said...

It enables us to express our feelings and opinions.

Lindsay Cranmer said...

It looks amazing. I saw one similar to it just the other day and wanted to buy it so bad, but it was too expencive. So winning it would work really well for me!

Anonymous said...

Mom said:
Hilarious! I just saw this on Daria's Blog at Boutique Cafe and promptly sent you a link so you could enter.
I cannot get over the generosity to donate a quit you've not only made, but paid someone to professionally quilt as well! Amazing!