forever and a day

So I know it has been forever!!! I will post pics late because I am limited on time today. But here's what i've been up to. I am helping a friend of my Mom's plan her son's wedding. it's a blast, but take s alot of time, some days. I 'll post pics of our center pieces later. Stampede breakfasts. We also went on a great vacation, I'll expand later. I have also been working on projects around the house like crazy! i want to have it ready for a house warming party soon. And well the everyday constants of loving my kid sand raising them into repsonsible good people and getting the daily chores done. Oh and being really really sick with the billionth cold this year! Could I just get a break!

Anywho, i'm still alive and have so much to post i just need to find more time!

P.S. Yesterday my kids (Vienna) totally spilt pop at costco twice, to the point of no possible recovery. we had to abandon the table and move it was eerywhere!! So then later on I am working on center pieces and my vase of roses toally dumps all over the floor, top heavy. And that's when my kids gave it to me.... Evan exclaims " Mommy now you have to have a time out!" Vienna says " That's not very nice Mommy" " Why'd you do that?" etc.... to funny! At least i know that they are listening when i dicipline!


DaddyO said...

Hang in there Liz. You're doing great. Can't wait to enjoy your talents at the Pronk wedding.

Ranisa said...

Love the blog, can't wait to hear about your vacation. The quilt pic is another inspiring one. I think I am going to take a quilting class-so that when I look at my attempt it might look something like what a quilt should look like!!! You amaze me Liz!