Taking risks

So I guess my new theme to life this past week is taking risks. I have put myself out there with my photography and went on a wedding shoot!! Such an extreme blast and totally nerve racking now that i am waiting for opinions on the pics.  i don't know if any of you have ever taken a risk that made your stomach knot up, but all i can tell you is that all day yesterday i just wanted to throw-up! I am so incredibly nervous!
i also decided yesterday that i would be taking the kids on a family vacation by MYSELF! maybe that's the true origin of my stomach knots!? Me and the kids are going to trek it to Moses Lake Washington to  have the time of our lives with some old friends for five days! I am open to any suggestions of how to travel with 3 children 4 and under, and not lose my mind!!
Despite all the nausea, I really am excited to be doing some things that stretch me and help me to improve my knowledge. I am really excited to be in a learning experience that's just for me. i have an outlet again! 
My other risk, well i did go to running group once, and i survived! Now I just need to go again and keep that ball rolling! Life is very rewarding  when i just put mysle fout there a little bit and learn what i am made of! Anyone else taking risks?


Ranisa said...

I love your blog!!! Good luck with the kids.....I traveled with my kids back and forth between here and the last house a couple of times, to pick out a house and to close on the house. It was a 4-5 hour trip. My suggestion is a portable DVD player. I don't have one, but I think that it would have saved my sanity at the time.

Baby spiders don't bug me....big ones on the other hand. Now if it had been me at the drive-thru at Taco Bell and there was a snake in the car-I would have left the car sitting in the drive-thru never to touch it again! It would have to have been towed to a car lot where I could get a new one!!!

Long comment....

Ranisa said...

I forgot one thing-way to go on the photography stuff!!!

The Cahoon Family said...

Wow, congrats on your risks. It's really hard to do that. My big suggestion for travelling (since I'm as crazy as you are) is bring your laptop or portable DVD player and bring lots of movies. Also if you get prepared with a whole bunch of kids songs, just play them and sing along. Even if they aren't singing, you get to have fun listening to the music. Another thing would be lots of different outfits and changes of clothes. Bring wipes and make them very accessible. Have fun at Moses Lake....I know you had some great memories there growing up!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz - I'm checking in with my first comment on your blog! I really want to see your photography and I want to join your sewing group that you have a goal to start (now that you've said it I'll keep buggin you) - don't tell my MIL though, she's been trying to teach me for years and I keep saying I don't want to learn. Secretly I do, but I'm a cheeky little DIL.