Okay, so I have been deceiving my readers! yes all 3 of you! I kinda have a photography blog too. i just started and I am still learning the editing side of things so go easy on your judgements. but just thought that you should know. Some of you have already found it (sneaky sneaky) and well you didn't flog me with insults, so thanks!

I have been given such a great opportunity to do some photography with brad and shiela Heninger. both great photographers. The wedding most recently posted on my 'other blog' is my first wedding shoot solo! Nerve wracking!! Luckily it was just a mini shoot! Anyways if you are interested go HERE.


Anonymous said...

Mom said
okay I saw! I saw! Nice work, Kiddo. That boy knows how to dip, too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Liz your pictures are pure joy...I love all of them. You have captured children's characters and personality along with great composition and lighting.
Keep up the great work.
Love you lots,
Auntie Anne

mumovearls said...

what ever 3 readers! my butt!
anyways I'm so excited to have a link to it now we can give each other tips!... ps. I got asked to teach the digital photography class out at the college... ha! that's so funny to me...

The Taylors said...

Oh fun! We are getting into photography around here too! You're photos look so great, wow you are so talented! Love the name idea for your new business too. Good luck with that!!