Tutu overload!

So our little vacation to Moses Lake, just me and the kids, and my ever so important little brother who came for the trip to help me out with the kids ( and to have fun!) went very well!! We had a blast with our old friends as per usual. We were actually spoiled rotten, homemade... bread, muffins, raspberry almond waffles, strawberry and raspberry jam, scones, creme brulee, oreo/strawberry/whipped goodness, amazing chicken, steak, salads! all from scratch! I am telling you the Earl family does things up right! During our stay Nena, Mandi and I decided that the little girls NEEDED tutu's and Nena had just the ticket! She even did up bedazzled shirts with princess crown, and said fabulous! Here are some of my faves from their photo shoot. Tutu heaven ahead people! 


Anonymous said...

Mom said:
The Sepia ones in the barn setting are my faves- nicely done! Love the mid -jump one also- great shot!

mumovearls said...

Ahhhhh! Love these pictures! WE Miss You!

Dana said...

Oh my stinkin' heck is the tutu cute. Not as cute at the little darling in it but cute nonetheless!

The Moodys said...

Sooo cute! Having 3 boys, this makes me a little anxious for that girl I keep thinking about. I made Kaia a tutu for Christmas one year to help get me girly mom stuff out. So fun!