So the basic senario: 

We're at the cabin, we went into town for dinner and we were at a buffet. Seger is eating watermelon to his little hearts content!

me: I think that I'll cut Seger off after this last slice!
Evan: (Genuinely concerned) You're going to cut Seger???

I just couldn't help but giggle at that one.


Ranisa said...

I love the things that kids come up with!!!

I am so one of those moms too. The school is just over 1 mile down the road, sorry don't know km. When she goes on a field trip I totally freak out, the distance and stuff really gets to me. It would scare me with him going on the freeway too. I think I am suffering from some type of aniety thing....I freak out over the littlest thing right now. I was so scared the first day of school....they would get hurt on the playground or something. The thing is the second day Elaine came home with a playground injury and the 3rd day Drew ran into a poll and the school nurse called. I didn't freak out after it happened just the thought of it.

Katie said...

Um...cute! I love it when kids just don't get it.

mumovearls said...

What? How funny! Things that they say...

Hey I'm going to travel to Canada September 16th thru 21st I have to go to Cardston and end up in Edmonton by the 20th. I think I'll come for a visit if it's ok maybe lets plan on the zoo!-Nena