been a long time!

So I haven't posted in awhile! Sorry! I have just been up to my eye balls with packing and getting organized and kids and helping kent plan for a ward temple trip and sewing lots of sewing!! we take possession of our house on monday night and there is still lots to be done. Kent is also going down to Colorado this weekend to buy a new boat!! Yeah!! But then that also means he is gone for 3 days right before we move! Not my favorite plan but what are you gonna do! So we are still alive just busy. i promise to post pics of the new house and of sewing projects very soon! but I am going to take a quilt free break from bloggin while I continue to move. I'll be back when i can.

P.S. Renisa thanks for your concern and I am so excited that you are pregnant!!!!!! I need more pics soon. Start bloggin! you would be hilarious!


we're going to the zoo zoo zoo

So yesterday for pre-k we all took the kids to the zoo. It was a blast. i totally forgot to bring the camera, oops! The animals were ALL out. We saw the Tigers, peacocks, deer, wild turkey's, snow owls, lions, monkeys, gorilla's, fish, giraffe's, racoon panda's, warthogs, etc.
The hippo's were giving quite the show! They seemed to be giving one another a "piggie back ride" if you know what I mean. Try explaining that one! The baby elephant was getting a bath/spray down. They had this little kiddie pool that this baby although still large elephant was trying to fit into for a "swim". The cutest ever trying to see it bend and squat to get just a little wet! The zoo keepers were taking some tortoius' for a walk (Evan didn't see them just about trampled the poor things!) another zoo keeper brought the lemur's down with a banana treat for the kids to see. The lions were all roaring at eachother. The kids had more fun then ever before! I think this might be a new regular activity for the summer. So if anyone wants to go!??? let me know. We haven't even gotten to the prehistoric park yet!


Guess what?

So me and my kids play "guess what?" all the time. They answer what and then I tell them something nice like " I love you" Or " you're beautiful/handsome" Etc. Well today was no different!

me: Evan Guess what?
Evan: what?
me: I love you
Evan: You love me all the time Mom (with a tone)
me: is that not good?
Evan: No, it's too much! You just always love me. (like he's some teen sick of his mom)

Meanwhile my sweet Vienna always mimics the question back, and says that she loves me, in what can only be described as some sort of pixie voice. Her other favorite is adjectives to use are adorable, gorgeous, pretty, cute, or delicious. Guess I should hold on to this while it last seeing as it has gotten OLD for me big boy!


Seger is finally sitting on his own accord! I am so excited to have him be able to do something other then roll, or lay there! He looks so cute sitting too. a little bottom heavy but cute. I think that he is enjoying his world form this new vantage point as well. Now if he could just figure out that those chubby things we call legs bend, then we are set! Seriously though, he has 2 teeth now and hasn't bitten me once! yeah! more then i could say for the other two. And he smiles all day long!!! I love this saucy baby of mine. Seger your an angel! Seger has even started to sleep just through the night. Well till 6 am, but that is close enough to me especially since he goes down at 7 or 8pm. And he really only eats and then still sleeps till 8:30. Now we just have to get evan sleeping through!!! That kid lives to disrupt our sleep!


Goat's a girls best friend!

Who knew!! Goat's milk is bringing a little slice of pamper heaven to my life. I just recieved my prize draw from Old Red Barn Co. Goat's milksoap and sugar scrub galore! Citrus, bulgarian lavendar, blackbery sage, cinnamon apple peach, lemongrass sage.....etc. Doesn't that just sound yummy! I am hear to tell you the soap is so creamy! And tonight I shall use my sugar scrub that smells good enough to eat! Thankyou to Dana from Old Red Barn co. for doing her giveaway, and for putting out such quality product. I just may be converted for life! (seriously they smell delicious! I am sitting here typing and can hardly concentrate I want fresh berries so bad!) So if you want your own slice of delight check out www.oldredbarnco.com

P.S. I found the prices very reasonable! All this wonderful loot for $35 including my shipping!! What a deal!



For preschool today we learned about stranger danger. It was my turn to teach and well, I thought who better to learn this from then the police! Surely the kids would listen to this huge man in uniform over me. well it was hit and miss! The kids loved it, and were a little shy. I think that they were listening, and some were very talkitive. The kids definitely won't soon forget though. They learned abit inside the house and then before Constable Sierake left he let them all sit in the car in his "ghost car" and turn on the lights talk on the load speaker and put on the siren. What a fun way to introduce the little kids to the police. I think that they all left feeling pretty good about talking to police if they needed to, and hopefully they learned more about strangers. I'll have to go over things Wed to see. Anyways, it was a great morning. Oh and he brought pens and rulers and colouring books and everything for all the kids! This is what playschool at home is all about. having these rich experiences that you don't get at school!