Christmas has come and gone and I have taken a very long blog break. But there is updates below and here is the big event! So this was our little christmas morning. Santa brought big things to share! The kids were excited! We had a great christmas morning at home as a family. Then inthe afternoon we went to my families home for a gifts and fun and dinner and more gifts! I think my favorite thing about christmas with my family is watching everyone in their habits and excitement! The kids had a blast and we got to meet 'little miss' a precious little girl my brother and his family are adopting! I fell in love with her!!
Evan and Vienna got camera's that they love!
this one is blurry but it showed Seger in sheer delight over his music drum set.
Seger didn't even hesitate he just dove right in!
Sorry about the reverse order here. The kids coming down for christmas.
The display of goodies that was left out christmas eve.

We also went to the live nativity that our church puts on for the city every year. It was wonderful! They have real live sheep and donkeys and it's  tradition for us to go every christmas eve. Well I had hyped up seeing baby Jesus all day to Vienna. She was so excited! We went we saw. But poor Vienna, she took that nativity so literally. To her that was the real thing she witnessed. She left in tears the whole way home that she didn't get to 'see' baby Jesus. She wanted to get up close and personal. We had talked that night at dinner about gifts we could give Jesus and she decided hers was to smile, this would make people happy. Well Vienna was so distraught that she never got to smile for baby Jesus. How sweet that she truly got the Christmas spirit and felt so strongly about what an amazing thing it would be to see baby Jesus. A good Mom moment.

So all in all a great holiday, with lots of snow!!! Thank you for everyones prayers that Kent would have lots of work!! He did!! We barely saw him! 

I'll get to the new year in my next post!


Lisa said...

So glad to hear your husband has had lots of work. The story of your little girl not getting to see baby Jesus up close just broke my heart! They are so sweet at that age! Just remember that sweetness next time she has a burst of energy and you don't! Happy New Year!

Kritta22 said...

Oh those pictures are wonderful! I love the one where Mr S just dives right in!

zana said...

So glad your holidays were good - it's such a blessing to have family, isn't it?!
Your kids are so cute~
Happy New Year!

Katie said...

Sounds like it was a fabulous Christmas. So jealous of your chance to bond with Little Miss! And it sure looks like Santa Claus was very generous this year. You must have very good children. Oh and I love Seger's plumpness. Can't get enough of that happy boy!

Ashley Dawn said...

How precious. What a special reminder of the true reason of the season. Sad we didn't bump into eachother while I was in town. We'll have to do it soon.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

So sweet that Vienna wanted to smile for baby Jesus. What a warm feeling. Hugs***Renea

Spanish Princess said...

Looks like you made some wonderful memories!