Catch up!

So over the holidays we celebrated Vienna's 3rd birthday. What a grown up girl she is these days. She's potty trained, into anything 'mommy' or 'princess', has a huge opinion about her fashion, and loves to help me whenever she can. We really think that we'd be missing out if we didn't have this amazing little girl in our family. Here are the highlights from her big night!
She got a trunk full of princess gear, a purse, clothes, cash register, baby carrier etc... Her cousin Freyja said in the most polite way "she's spoiled"
we had the kids make their own door knockers as their prize to take home.
And Vienna was tickled pink over the moon for this tinker bell cake.

We also had a momentous occasion when Evan had his firstever school concert. I am sure that these will one day be mundane to me, but this year it was adorable! They did the nativity scene with some christmas songs after. Evan was the cutest little sheep!! He kept the production details a complete secret. He was so excited to show us his little performance. the set up was bad for pics but here's a couple.
sheep with a 'tude.
pretty darn excited to be a humble little sheep!


Kritta22 said...

What a Princess she is! She is gorgeous!

Oh this always happens...I was going to say something else, and I lost it. Sorry! I'll come back if I remember!

Katie said...

Wow! Really? 3? Are you sure? I can't believe it! I remember when she was just a wee one with those sweet dark curls. Now she has more hair than one knows what to do with and it is so voluminous! I know children grow up but really, do they have to?

Thistledew Farm said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! The live nativity can be a bit tricky....sometimes it results in explaining things to children because animals don't always behave politely in public even if they are part of a nativity!

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Oh, Evan did a school play? So so cute!! Last night I went to register Ky for the Escuela Canyon Meadows (Spanish) school. They said it fills up quickly but, offical registration doesn't start for a week. Where are you thinking of having Evan attend?