Irwin's and Bourne's alike - Calgary family Photographer

Well crew... we hit a few obstacles and even fended off the "security" but we did it! We got your family pictures taken! You are all such lovely people. I am always happy to do something that keep me associated with your group. You make great company! Here is your peek! And Alex You are Beautiful!


Anonymous said...

mom said:
Nice shoot- 'course its great when you have a handsome group to work with...
faves... how all 3 grandkids look so alike, Alex- what a babe! and Grandpa Jim- Looks good on ya!

Jan S said...

Well, Kyle's baby looks just like Kyle (I mean EXACTLY as I remember him as a baby!) . . . lucky kid, right Kyle?
I loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing - what a beautiful family. Alexx, you are just lovely!