Typical Saturday - Lifestyle/Family

I wanted to follow a family through a daily routine with a little added fun. I feel as though the magic that is in our everyday is so fleeting. I wanted to capture those simple moments, the spirit of a family in their home. The Fairbanks' were generous enough to be my volunteers. I came over just after breakfast, Pj's still on and beds unmade, perfection! 

Yes Fairbanks' have started their own little clan of chickens! SO Adorable!
 Some time fore cuddling.
 This was priceless! Dorienne and James from everyday, to romantic and right back into the routine...
Thank you so much for doing this little project with me! If anyone of you would like to have the magic and motion in your everyday family life captured, let me know and we'll book your Lifestyle Shoot today.


Dorienne said...


Wow! This was such a great idea and we had so much fun doing it. Walker wanted you to live with us! Thank you for capturing such priceless moments.

Sarah said...

What an incredible shoot! I love this so much. These are the moments you want to remember forever and freeze in time. Will you come to my house? ;)