Those that could - Family

Those of us that could gather did. My parents and my sister and I were in California for a wedding and really just had the best time. I gather with both often with children and husbands in tow. This although a departure, was so pleasant to be just the four of us. Sister, child, parent dynamics all in place and so much fun! The last day my Brother and his wife (lucky for us), couldn't resist coming the 6 hours to see us. I had forgotten what a 'Conor' hug felt like. It was so good to have my hands on his actual face! I missed my brother more then I realized. He means so much to me. Oh and Greta! My niece, is just beautiful!! I'm in love with her!! Holly too, but she was a moving target! This was such an amazing trip, the family time, events, banter, scenery, I loved it all. Of course we also came upon Zoltar from the movie 'Big' while we were on the Santa Monica Pier. Why wouldn't we! I couldn't resist. Zoltar fortunes all around, even for the skeptics! 


Katie said...

Such fun photos! I wish we could've made it to the beach.

I need the last however many black and whites! Please dropbox those to me. The photos of Conor with you and Nicole are so sweet. And Greta, oh Greta. I've never seen such a beautiful baby in all my life.

Heather Lyle said...

As always your shots are amazing!!! Makes me giddy counting the days til you do my family shoot! We are going to California and I must go and see the Zoltar!!!