Kristy - Beautiful Portrait

Kristy is a talented photographer, mom, and keeps up with the boys, dirt biking etc. Quite a triple threat. You are stunning. Kristy you are a great friend and my kids just love you in primary, you make amazing little boys (so far) and you are beautiful inside and out.


Art by Samantha DaSilva
Home by Katrina DaSilva & DaSilva Designs
Make-up by Coby Topilko


Megan Allen said...

Kristy, I agree! You are stunning. Plus you gave the sweetest talk on Sunday and your hair is beautiful and I love your style! The end.

Kristy Kay said...

Oh my goodness megan you are kinda adorable... lol! And I just creeped your blog... SO cute! I totally love it!!

Liz I love them so much... you have no idea! Thanks so much SO glad I did this!