Seger James

 These sweet pudgy hands and cheeks forever, they just get me. Seger may have it the easiest of all my kids. I just have a hard time staying upset at this sweet little boy. He looks a lot like my Dad, and I was always a Daddy's girl. Seger is adorably obsessed with being handsome! Nothing but collared shirts and preppy clothes if he could. He actually slept in this white dress shirt. The hair must be parted with product, and he's so polite when you tell him he's handsome "thank you Mommy" is a sullen humble voice. Oh Seger you have me smiling everyday. I love you!

Mommy. xoxo

* I'm still going to Victoria on Wed and I'm still accepting sessions while I'm there. Details in the below post.


Katie said...

He is so handsome! Love these pics.

Anonymous said...

Mom said:
Seger looks so manly and grown up with his collared shirt and rolled up sleeves. The kid is irresistible.