Christensen's - Family

Kent and I took a little vacation just the two of us to California. It was so nice to get away and fulfill some dreams while we were at it. I also had the awesome opportunity to take pictures in a new place and new people! Which I always love! (If you live in California or Victoria BC hire me please!) The Christensen Family heard I was coming to town and nabbed an opportunity to have me do a session. We were in this beautiful meadow/ valley, there were wild turkeys and deer! The Sun was just gorgeous and Tarin and Ben and their girls were even better! It was blowing a gale!! But they stuck it out with me, and boy am I glad we did. Thank you!


MaryAnn Lawson said...

it's like i can feel the sunlight just looking at these. my fav is the older sister's arms around the younger sister, their expressions are adorable, the wind in her hair and sunlight is fantastic!!

Katie said...

These are so great! Wow! It was so windy that day and you pulled off these totally amazing photos.

Dang, now I'm wishing I had asked you to take photos of MY family. You're going to have to come back!