SanFrancisco Love - Part b

Kent and I decided to tour SanFrancisco on bikes. We stayed in Fisherman's Warf. Kent has always had a love for the water, and I have always wanted to see/be on the Golden Gate Bridge. We fulfilled dreams together! Biking to the bridge and across it was amazing! I was so thrilled and loved the scenery on the way to and back. We stopped whenever we wanted, took a million pictures and explored. It lived up to all the hype. I truly love to do new things with Kent. He is the perfect person to share all my moments with. I'm so thankful to be an 'US'. I love Kent Cranmer!

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Katie said...

Love love love this city! I'm glad you had a pretty day to enjoy.

One of my favorite things that I've ever done in the city is start a long run at the end of the piers, go across the golden gate and back and then down the presidio trail to the sutro baths. A dream come true!