SanFrancisco Part A - Personal

Kent and I flew into SanFrancisco. We spent and amazing day together (more on that later) And then My little Brother Conor and his sweet wife Katie joined us in the city for a date night. We ate delicious food, a must, and then went up to this gorgeous viewpoint!! The sun was setting, and it was so pretty. The wind was blowing so hard it made it difficult to get a focused shot. But blur and all I love each of these. I'm so glad I handed my camera over to my love to grab a couple of me. Thanks for the night on the town Conor and Katie. I still can't get that amazing ice-cream out of my head. Salted caramel and ginger ice-cream..... heaven.


Myca said...

Love the black and white of you. You are a beauty.

LassieCat said...

print the last one and hang it on your wall!! and if you don't, can i?!? i LOVE it. everyone looks like a super model, a casual relaxed super model. and who ever took the pics of you captured your real smile! well done!!