Do you need a tetna shot for toilet water?

My dear little Vienna is so excited about Evan potty training that i think she may just do it at the same time! Bonus! However I think that i need to explain the process to her a little better. Most of the time she is fine with sitting ont he potty fully clothed, you know just getting a feel for the whole thing. She mostly sits ont he little potty next to the toilet, with the exception of the other day...... I was giving Evan a timeout and dealing with that, when i realized I ahd left the bathroom door open. I ran as fast as I could knowing that Vienna is very intrigued by toilets. IT WAS FAR TOO LATE! Vienna was using the little pot from the training tiolet to scoop water from the tiolet and then drink the water!!!! EWWWWWWWW! I had just cleaned the tiolet literally an hour ealier luckily, however I don't know if bleach cleaner residue is much better for the system?! These kids crack me up! What doesn't kill them makes them stronger right?


Katie Kates said...

That's hilarious! Way to Vienna! That would be great if she really grasped the potty thing for real. I'm sure she'll be fine. We all know how tough that little girl is. I used to lick the dirt off worms when I was her age and eat sand. I turned out fine. For years I had an invincible immune system!

nicole said...

Liz love your blog.. keep it comin sis!

mumovearls said...

I love it -
at least she is a second child because if she was your first you would have died-nena