Laughter can be absolutely infectious! Evan and Vienna are the greatest testament of that. This is an old picture because I didn't ahve the camera with me last night, but, the same is true of them today as it was then... those two can get eachother giggling like no tommorow! We went with kent last night on one of his bobcat jobs. We don't normally make these a family affair but it was out my inlaws and their neighbours. Well i don't think we got out of there until 9pm or so and I thought that the kids would have fallen asleep on the ride home, but instead, they giggled. I mean uncontrollable fits of giggling! It was so great to listen to. I am so glad that they get along so well and are such pals! This also gives me new hope for our upcoming road trip! keep giggling!

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Katie Kates said...

Where's the upcoming roadtrip to?