busy summer!

Well this summer I believe will prove to be a busy one! We are doing a paver extention on our driveway the next three nights until we leave town. We have plans to make our "garden" actually resemble a garden. We need to Get rid of our car!!!! We still have 2 years left on our lease and are looking to have someone take it over, so we can get a minivan!! the sooner the better! So if anyone knows anyone!???!!! And amongst all of that I am trying to sew more, do more art and growing this massive (in my mind anyways) baby and trying to keep the other two rascals out of trouble. Which by the way isn't working! While I was doing Vienna's hair this morning Evan spread for the millionth time crackers all over the living room!! When will he learn! He was however very helpful cleaning up and apologetic! Gotta love the sweetness they have when they get in trouble.

I'll post pics of projects later.

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