High Five!!

I am well beyond extactic!!! Evan has finally after much adoe, joined us in the world of potty trained! Well close enough anyways. Evan WASSSSS potty trained just after he was two, then i added child care to our mix and he changed his mind. Ever since there has been ZERO interest despite all tactics. Evan does not care to be bribed, treats not doing it, rewards shamards, and threats good luck! UNTIL yesterday! i know that i am still really early into this, but I knwo that he has the skills already and he just needs to be willing and he is! Evan went yesterday 3 times, sometimes even initiating, that's right he WANTED to go! And today he has gone 5 times, only having a slight leak in the pants and a poop accident. But you can't win them all the second day.

Now here is the funny part, most kids would like a "woohoo!" or a " you did it!" But not my kid. he tells me to " stop it Mommy!" He will only concede to a high five for congrats! This kid cracks me up. talk about preferences! Well here is hoping that it continues and that things are well established before this baby comes! I can not can not can not do 3 in diapers!!!

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Katie Kates said...

Liz don't be silly! Of course you can do 3 in diapers. it would be a breeze. Your life would of course be dedicated to making sure everyone stayed dry... but you could do it! Believe in yourself!
Ha. Just kidding. Glad that kid has finally found interest in his relationship with the potty!