Evan George!

Evan working with Mom and Dad on the pavers. Quite a strong little boy!

Evan has been quite a character lately. i think it's ever since he hung out with all the big kid Earl boys. He is all of the sudden Mr Independence. He was already well on his way with his "I do it myself"'s But now not only does he say that but he is doing it too! The other night he stripped down as he usually does on hot nights for bed, only this time he included his underwear. He came into our room saying" I have to go pee" we rushed him off to the potty quickly and then sent him back to bed, insisting htat he put his underwear back on. he wasn't impressed, but gave his standard response these days "alright" with great reluctance. Then inthe morning he didn't want to get out of bed (totally new) and instead stayed in bed an extra 1/2 hour while the rest of us had breakfast. When he finally emerged he had gotten his naked self dressed back into his pajamas and informed me of it and asked for his cereal. I was cracking up that he didn't want to sleep with clothes but knew that it was inappropriate for coming downstairs. Too Cute!
Evan's other thing is that i ahve noticed that he doesn't really say his "L"'s and so i thought I would test out a few words with him.
Mom- Evan can you say... Liz
Evan- iz
Mom- can you say little
Evan- widdle
Mom- can you say lemon
Evan- Moooom, I can't do this game. It's to hard!

And now when he doesn't really want to play or it starts to challenge him he lets me know just like that." I can't play this game"

Anywho, just revelling in my handsome little guy!


Katie Kates said...

Man I love it when little kids don't pronounce words properly. Alanna always called me "Key" and the other day when I was talking to her on the phone, she called me that! I loved it! It sounds like Evan is doing some wonderful independent, cute things! Just in the nick of time eh!

mumovearls said...

Oh come on Liz If you could sit buck naked would you do it? if you were a boy you would- my boys are always tring to get away with it -nena