So grown up!

Okay so i know that it is probably lame to post a blog about my daughters hair... again! But last night it was so hot!!!!! Our house was cooking and Vienna had a fever too. We gave the kids baths to cool off before bed and then I french braided Vienna's hair. It worked! She looked sooo cute and totally sat still for it. When I was done though, i realized that she totally looked grown-up! Had to take a pic to document her first braids. I tried to call my usuals to have a moment ( Mom, Nicole, Daria) but they were all at Stampede. So here it is arriving on my Blog!


Jim said...

NO way!!! I can't believe that Vienna has French BRaids already! So cute. Aaand! Bonus! You now have yet another alternative'do' for those unruly days. I just hope this doesn't signal the end of her darling little ponis- Ijust love how she looks in them.

Katie Kates said...

Aw! If you could just hit pause on your children's "growing up" experience, that would be really great! I'm so glad you blog and post pictures!