Another fun one!

So this quilt is for a friend of mine. I thin kthat she is fabulous and fun and that her and her gorgeous daughter could pull off this baby quilt. It's totally off the wall and bright and I love it! the pics don't so it justice, but at least you get a taste. Some of the fabric is actually scraps from a twirl skirt that my Aunt Maggie did. I added some others and I htink it made a great reinvention. Anyways just a little of what i did this week!


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

I love it. Once again you totally WOW me! Your talents are enviable and I'm sure your friend will freak out. That's a rockin' quilt!!
So proud of you :)

Katie Kates said...

Love it!

Myca said...

Love the colors and pattern of this it is gorgeous -nena

mumovearls said...

hey girl sorry I didn't know I was still signed on under Myca's Name earlier- Anyways Maybe get Hendrix a size 6 she has such chubby feet. Thanks so much oh Ineed your address so I can mail you a disk of pictures that I edit I'll get them done at Powell- Why aren't you guys coming with us?... You need to you would LOVE it-Nena

Anonymous said...

Liz, your quilt is absolutely gorgeous...I love it! Great job on the pattern and colours they're super cute.
Love ya,
Auntie Anne

MamaMandi said...

Very nice. I am SO jealous. You are very talented. We miss ya and wish you were coming to Powell.