ever been inspired to the piont of overload? Well I have been and I am so pleased about it! We just got back a day or two ago from visiting friends in Moses Lake. We stayed with Ryan adn Nena earl. If you snoop around on my list of blogs I read then you already know that she is talented! I Walked in to thier home at a very late hour the first night we arrived and very much felt at home. I felt at home in a way that i don't even feel when i am home. This is such a compliment, and one that I would love to have people feel in my home. But how can they feel that when i don't even feel that i aksed myself? Well i am changing that from here on out!! We are building a house again. This time abit bigger but still close by and I am so excited about the basic structure changes let alone the decorating i get to do!! I am starting on some projects that will be permanent and move with me, but I am also squirlling in my mind as to what i can do cheaply once we move in!! It' s a ways off still so the waiting will drive me crazy i am sure of it! However Nena decorates for her and it reflects and so must I! Thankyou for awakening that part of me again. It has been something that I have itched for.


Myca said...

Hey liz I know exactly what you mean about nena's house. It so cute and welcoming....and she makes every place they have ever lived in this way. I don't know how she does it. Anyway thanks for your recent comments on my blog. By the way can't wait to see what your third will look like cause your first two are adorable.

mumovearls said...

you guys crack me up and are 2 sweet. i'm so glad you felt welcome liz you guys are welcome to drop in anytime and we would have loved to have you for longer I just wish m y house was a little bigger for all- Love you guys lots -nena