So then we went on vacation!

Vienna helping Dad wash the boat.
Yes we played that hard! Evan fell asleep mid eating after a day at the beach.
Kent fishing.
Kent and Vienna having a good relaxing snuggle.
Kent and I try to get a week alone out at the Cranmer Family Cabin. This year we were able to do 10 days! My parents came out for the long weekend and that was a blast! The kids just loved having them there, and I enjoyed seeing my Dad without his technology for a couple of days, although the trio was in tow! The environment out there is so great! I love being in nature and surrounded by tranquility. I am alwasy amazed at how much i needed to be peeled off the ceiling. I get so relaxed by the end of the visit that I really almost never want to return home. We are so blessed that we have this place to go to and that it's free!

Here are a couple of pics from the trip! my dad got some better ones, so you might want to check the photo blogs too!


Mom said...

I wish everyone could have seen the kids dancing to the Talking Fish- Evan has the cutest 'moves' .
We really had a great time- the cabin was perfect, nice and cool in the evenings and all the amenities.
My favorite thing is to have spent the time together 24/7 its really great to watch you both in full parenting mode in your own environment not just visiting in ours. You are wonderful parents and I feel proud to be your Mom (and mil).

mumovearls said...

I love that one of evan sleeping in his food some days I feel that tired:) Don't you?