Get out!!

Okay so I am now 38 weeks and 2 days, but who's counting! I have decided that I am goign to be pregnant forever!! But we all know that I am secretly hoping that my water breaks in the next 5 minutes! I don't think that I was ever this overly anxious with the other two. Probably compareable but not quite matched. I want to just meet this little guy! The good thing is that with all of this false labour I have been able to crank out some sewing projects for the little guy. I did a blanket one night, a new matching body pillow for the carrier, a new hood for the carrier etc. It has been nice to get things accomplished and everything, and I have definitely been nesting, but the nest is READY!!

Even Vienna and Evan today wanted "the baby Seger out". Vienna lifts my shirt and tuggs on my bellya nd grunts trying to get him out. And then says she "can't reach!" Where as Evan thinks that since I have a "button" it must do something! So surely if we just pressed it the baby would come out! I wish!!

Anyways my family has been great to listen to me gripe and complain and waddle around! Thanks guys for hangin in there. i even swear my mom is getting sympathy pains! Thanks guys! I love you and just remember I will be much nicer in just a few hours days, please not weeks.


Katie Kates said...

Liz! Ah! Evan and Vienna sound like they are being so cute about their new baby brother. I'm way excited for you. However... HANG IN THERE! PLEASE!!! I know that is such a pitiful plea and somewhat selfish considering the discomfort you're feeling. However, I NEED to be there when the baby is born. lol. Not really. But I want to. Love you! I'd sacrifice if you want to have the baby right now. But I don't want to.

MamaMandi said...

Your dad told me you went into labor last night! I hope things are going well...and by now, I hope he is here! Good luck and congrats!