This is playing catch up!

So I have been absent to my blog, however for good reason! I was making the most beautiful quilt for Daria to give to her friend as a baby gift. i decided to "teach" myself some new skills while doing so and thus the absentness from blogging. I had so much fun learning on this quilt and at the same time have never stressed so much about a project!! i just wanted it to be perfect especially since it wasn't mine! My Mom and Kent can both tell you the breakdowns that insued! All worth it though as you can see. And it didn't hurt that there were a couple of happy accidents! Here's some not so great pictures but you get the gist!
And then reason #2 why I haven't blogged next post!

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Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

LIZ!! The baby's name is Olivia Gail and she's darling. I just blogged with pics about the quilt too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this.

I love you!