reverse order!

The donkey's. Evan had a healthy grip! And as you can see I am very pregnant!
Vienna at the park. Evan actually took this one! Cool shot, inside a whale.
Vienna in one of the tractor wheels.
Evan playing in the pea's from the combine.

I am probably posting these in the wrong order so be sure to scroll down. But while on vacation, we went for a couple of jounts into towna nd out to the farm. We went into Med Hat. and visited Kent's Grandma Mable and took the kids to the park with her. So much fun! It was actually one of the biggest highlights of this trip was that we got to spend some real quality time with both the Grandma's. They told us so many stories and really shared so much with us about themselves! I was loving hearing about the family history and who they were once upon a time. Moments you don't get often.

Then we went out to Kent's Aunt and Uncle's farm. The kids had a blast!! Evan rode in a swather and sat in a combine and went on a quad and saw huge tractors and rode in the grain truck! And then to top it off we ate crabapples that were " delicious!!!!" As Vienna says it, and then went to see miniature donkeys at the farm next door. So cute! Again such a fun visit with family we don't see very often. Check out the pics and then I'll be done! for now. i still have to post one more exciting milestone of Evan's but maybe tommorow!