What's in a name!?

Okay so I was just reminded by Dorrienne that I never really addressed the company name post below. So I appreciate all the participation in coming up with a name. Although most of you  agreed with Daria. And well so did I, but Elizabeth Anne sounded too formal for me. So I guess Daria was kinda a winner and so were the rest of you that agreed with her. And well I decided I liked studio added on there so Katie kinda wins too. And since Daria and Katie are family, and will one day get a quilt anyway, and I can't make 10 other quilts to giveaway...... I made an executive decision!! All who commented in the name entry automatically get 5 bonus entries in the quilt giveaway coming up!! So you get a leg up!

As for what I decided on for a name...... drumroll please........

Lizzy Anne

(Possibly to be spelt with a 'y' instead, we'll see)

Thanks for asking! and you should see my first original Lizzie Anne design very soon. And with better graphics!


Anonymous said...

Liz, I like the name, and know that you will do well in anything you undertake, no matter what the name...it will be one that everyone knows and remembers.
Love you,
Auntie Anne

Katie said...

Very cute! Can't wait to see the design.

Dana said...

Great name for what will be a great company.

Dorienne said...

Good choice! I can't wait to hear all about Texas. Good luck.