Fall special!

Lizzy Anne Photography is taking flight! I have been so thankful to the Larsen family and others for their help with my portfolio work. I do mostly weddings. but would love to up my family portrait sessions. So with that in mind I have a crisp fall offer! This is a great time of year to get your picture taken in the fall leaves, in a cute sweater you have been dying to wear, or just get a leg up on that christmas card assembly, cute family pic complete! 

This Fall offer includes:
1 to 2 hour family session with me
Up to 3 locations
& a disc of your top 20 images
All for $150

First 5 bookings get a complimentary 8x 10.
Bookings will be early evenings and weekend Oct 1st through 31st.
e-mail me at lizzieanne@shaw.ca

P.S. I do weddings! 


aa said...

Wow! Lizzy Anne photography is awesome.
All the pictures are looking so beautiful and very nice.
Really an impressive camera work!


Anonymous said...

pretty sweet deal, Liz.

Wes, Rachel and Lauren Cairns said...

We definately want to have you do our family photos, I am just trying to figure out when I can get Wes there (he is working 6 days a week and usually doesn't get home until after dark)

Debra said...

Those are beautiful!!!

The Cahoon Family said...

Wow Liz, you really have a great eye. I wish I lived closer (or was going to Calgary before we had this baby) so I could take advantage of your deal. Maybe someday when I return (fingers crossed).

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good deal.

Lynds said...
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Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Hey Liz! Congratulations, I'm so happy that your photography passion is turning into this for you. You have an incredible, artistic eye.

What I like about your special is the disk of images you are offering. I remember when I got my wedding pictures done, we had to pay hundreds for the negatives!! To be able to have the pics on disk and print them in whatever size/quantity you want is awesome. I wish all photographers would offer this.

When we did our family pics back in S'toon a few years ago it cost well over $200 and you got one printed picture! Gulp. You rock!

Tamara said...

We are interested but saw the comment earlier that was deleted. We are getting married and are looking for a photographer, but do you have training? We obvously don't want our wedding photos to be average and just want some assurances before we move forward! Let us know what you've done!!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...


i would love to discuss wedding photography with you. if you e-mail me @ lizzieanne@shaw.ca or call me at 403-253-7131 then we can work out a consult. It's best that you see my work and decide if it suits you. I have been doing an apprenticeship with a professional photographer this past summer. I have done 6 weddings including on my solo.

Lets set up a time to meet and you can see my portfolio and then go from there. When is your wedding? if you give me your contact info I could always contact you as well.

Lillith said...

Your pictures are beautiful ! I especially love the one with the feet !