Elephants coming three by three. hooraw, hooraw!

I decided a year or two ago to make a quilt for each of my up coming Nieces and Nephews. I was super late getting this one to Solomon. In my lateness, I gave it to him without taking pictures first. Oops! Well Sol loves his blankie and I have not been able to borrow it back for pics since it's his go to blanket. But he was over the other day and willing to show me his charm so we took a few. The ones without him in it he stood by watching, concerned for the blankies welfare. So sweet.


Katie said...

I totally think you accomplished your goal of showcasing the fun fabrics with this one. It turned out so great. I love simple quilts! And awesome pics of Sol. He is so cute. Makes me almost want a boy! His outfit is darling. I adore rugby stripes.

Anonymous said...

Adorable Liz, both the blankie and Solomon.
Auntie Anne

Anonymous said...

Liz I wish you could have seen Sol's reaction to this. Totally priceless. He ran across the room pointing and yelling me! me! me! ( i didnt know he knew that word) and then he waved and said Hi to himself. It was cute. I love the pictures. You have such talent. Clearly. Love the quilt and the pictures. I am lucky to have you.
love me

pescbrico said...

He is such a lucky little boy! An awesome quilt served with even greater pictures! :)
It's always a treat visiting your blog :) Thank you for sharing with us all!