Nana and Grandpa - Portrait

This is the room that was in my mind my Nana's. The beautiful chesterfield and collectables all stay here. We were not permitted in the 'white room' as we called it. The carpet was always perfectly vacuumed. I love this room. I love it even more with my Nana in it. She is beautiful.This is my Grandpa down by the dog run. A place that I most associate with my Grandpa. He spent many hours down with the dogs, training. We were sent down with Nana's dishes full of scraps and introduced to many pup litters right here. Magic. I couldn't get over the inner model my Grandpa was showing me this day! Too fun!
Sweat hearts.


Katie said...

NEED copies. Great shots

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Liz I LOVE these shots! Apparently Grandpa missed his calling as a Male Model :)

Love them!!

JAC Photography said...

Wow!! Love these! Talk about good looking! You did just what I imagined when you explained your ideas. Awesome. and of course I adore those trees!!

Nathan said...

Great photos of Nana and Grandpa. Reminds me of my childhood. Looks like you have a new shooting ground too. Hope there are more to look at in say a photobook??

Need you to come out here and work your magic here as well!

Anonymous said...

Mom said:
The woods ones are my faves, especially Mom hugging Dad - cute!

Conor said...

Awesome! I love these.