More Muirhead's - Family

My Uncle Tom is a fantastic photographer. So when I was asked to do their family pictures, I couldn't help but be flattered! My Uncle Tom and Orlean are an often go to, for parental examples. Seven beautiful, well behaved children later and you can see why. I loved spending some one on 9 time with you all. I never get to do that, I was relishing in your family dynamic. I love you all!



oh i love this family! great shoot liz!

Lindsay said...

What a great location and one of the most fun families to hang out with. I miss my muirhead visits.

Anonymous said...

Dear Liz: thank you for sending these wonderful pictures of Tom and Orlean's Family. I had the privilege of having all of them at my home last Saturday, with the exception of Orlean who I greatly missed! The activities of the day, that started at 5:30 when I woke them up so Tom and the boys could be on their way to the Temple, so by 2:00 I was done in and only wished that I was a younger Grandma! I love them all so much!! maybe I will get a copy of at least one of the shots, but they are all so good it would be hard to choose if I had a choice. love you. Grandma

Anonymous said...

The family everyone loves. Tom & Or are such wonderful parents, and these kids are an amazing, lovely, talented and charming lot. Great shoot. Tom was over, before i'd seen the post ,casually asking, as only Tom can, "so have you been online lately?" haha Well! When I told him I had in fact sent he pics, the hands were a talkin' ! He was waving and exclaiming and laughing and grinning, clearly a happy customer, with lots of wonderful things to say about your composition, cleverness and all round talent. It was fun to be your Mom, just soaking up how much you were admired and appreciated in all your Uncle Tom had to say. Well done, as always, Elizabeth, well done!