As they are - Portraits

The other day I had planned to take my kids school pics for this year. I was sick the couple days leading up to, and well I didn't plan any outfits, it was crazy hair day at school. Things were not in my favour. BUT..... I decided that I didn't care about perfection, and that this was a perfect opportunity to be the fun Mom and just have at it. I didn't brush Vienna's hair, or change anyones outfits. In fact Vienna has on the scarf I was wearing that day. It became perfection.

To add to it all as I called the kids in from the yard for pics, I overheard them tell their friend, "We gotta go take pictures, my Mom's an artist" " Pictures are my Mom's art!" It made me so happy that they get me. That they understand what all the time away from them is spent doing. I am so proud of these kids. I think the images below show their personalities right now so well.
P.S. Thanks you Daria and Nathan for gifting me this back drop set up - I treasure it!!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Love THEM and every one of their sweet and quirky and amazing expressions- you
ve perfectly captured this age. And Vienna with the haunted orphan expression? cracks me up...
As always, Liz, Amazing!

Katie said...

oooo a backdrop set? Awesome!

These are really fun photos. Love love love these kids. And I love that they're so proud of you. You're such an amazing Mom!

Anonymous said...

these truly are evan and vienna through and through. Well done liz. Vienna looks like a mini you! its crazy. Best ever.. cant wait to see the other kids ....