Beauty - Portraits

This was such a rewarding photo shoot to do. I admire all of these women for having the courage to sign up to be the singular subject in front of the camera. That can be scary for some. You are all so beautiful. I enjoyed capturing sides of you that I hadn't seen before. It was even more lovely to talk with you and smile with you and collaborate with each of you to create something really special...... a portrait of YOU.
You are all strong, striking, and exude character to be measured. And we were even lucky enough to have a young little beauty with us for a few minutes. 

Love for all of you


Katie said...

Awesome shots Liz! I think you did a good job at capturing beauty. When you come visit can we do a photo shoot? These are just so fun!

The Army of Four said...

Love your work! That first photo especially is gorgeous! Look at her EYELASHES!!!

Anonymous said...

So many comments I'd like to make! The first lady in the first shot looks serene and ethereal, she has that classic turn of the century beauty, gorgeous skin.
Love the bike over the shoulders shot of Kim- feminine yet strong, and the b&w portrait of her- what an inviting countenance. The curly blonde haired lady- such soulful eyes- in the portrait shot especially-looks like she has a story to tell. Charla you have captured perfectly- my favorite of Charla is the 3rd one- it conveys such warmth and ease, kind of the way one feels in her company. And Nia -what a pretty child, love the belly laugh one. Angie in the doorway is so cute and her portrait one- does this girl age? The fitness shots of the taunt calves,firm abs, cut arms etc- impressive all and reflective of all the hard work and dedication that must have gone into carving out those bodies! How nice to have these pics to document and celebrate what each one has achieved.
Great shoot Elizabeth- and these are just the sneak peaks? Must've been a great day.